Bamboo Wood Floors Installation Newark NJ

These days a huge numerous of different bamboo floors can found like Natural, Carbonized, Vertical, Horizontal, Hand scraped, strand and some other options. The darker the bamboo the softer it will be. This is due its process of fabrication.A strand bamboo flooring is about twice as hard as the regular bamboo. Its fabrication is also a bit different.

Bamboo flooring can be installed on almost any sub-flooring. Concrete, Wood, Plywood, vinyl floor if nailed, ceramic tile if glued. Bamboo flooring is not directed to have installed on floating system.

when purchasing your bamboo flooring we do recommend that you add 10% for the cutting allowance. Some bamboo planks may have a small detail and also we loose a little bit doing the required cuts to stagger and fit the boards on its corners.

Bamboo also will be less expensive than solid hardwood floors about 30% to 60% depending on what you want to get. Bamboo floors are considered a green choice because it grows in very short period of time compared to solid wood floors. Bamboo takes around 3 to 5 years to grow in the other hand hardwood floors tree can take up to 20 years to be ready for hardwood floors.

The installation task is similar to any other floor system like engineered and hardwood. Can be used glue, nails or staples. Using glue it can go over concrete, old wood floors, cement. Using staples you can install on top wood & plywood sub-floor.

Bamboo flooring is a bit stronger to water, humidity and moisture but is not much and you should nor count on this ! if you see water or feel humidity fix it right away or you can have huge problems with your bamboo floor.

The guarantee that you often seen on the flooring stories is an important factor also. Usually we see 10 years warrant and 25 years warranty. A 25 years warranty uses more finishing coatings on its fabrication, normally more than double to 1o years warrant. Also the fibers placed on its construction is much stronger.

Having a bamboo wood floors installed properly in Newark New Jersey is really important as the level of humidity and moisture are not too low and it may effect its stability. Using floor adhesive for its installation we do recommend a high quality one and if the installation will take place over a concrete slab we would install a moisture retarder. If have a wood sub-flooring and decide to go with staples or floor nails, make sure the installer uses a moisture retarder and nails it every 6″ inch space.

It’s crucial also that your flooring installer leave 1/4″ inch expansion and contractions space under cabinets, doors and walls. This space will be hidden using based mouldings and special moulding accessories. This way you will make sure that you get it installed properly.

Bamboo Wood Floors Installed Newark NJ

Bamboo Flooring Installed by Professional Installers – Newark NJ

Getting your dream flooring installed properly, using great floor products will directly influence on its lifetime. Our bamboo installers are experienced, honest and really capable to delivery the highest quality in short period of time.

We offer the complete bundle of services like sub-floor correct preparation in order to receive its moisture retarder and then have your bamboo floors installed. Transition moulding accessories, base moulding and shoe quarter round moulding in there’s need. All these services are satisfaction guaranteed !

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