Engineered Hardwood Floors Installation Newark NJ

The Engineered flooring system is available in almost any wood types and can be found on any major flooring store. Its an affordable product and has the real looking and felling of a real solid hardwood floors.

Engineered floors are built using a vase of plywood or hard wood and then The top surface wood veneer wear layer will glued and compressed on the top surface of the lower base.

engineered flooring can be installed using floor adhesive directly over the concrete which makes this a great choice for cold basements. You can have also a moisture barrier installed before you install the engineered, this will make sure that the floors gives its most and its durability and stability won’t get effected by the high level of moisture.

You can have this engineered installed using floor adhesive over concrete, old flooring, plywood sub-floor, some stone floor lice ceramic, granite, marble and you can also have it installed using staples on old wood floors, wood sub floor or any surface made of wood.

Using floor adhesive to have your engineered floor installed is better as it will minimize the incidence of squeaks, stability will better too. Using staples you can hear some squeaks when walking all over the floors. Maybe you do not see this happening soon but after some time you will hear that.

The staples will also be a bit less expensive if compared with a good floor adhesive. We definitely recommend the use of floor glue for any engineered hardwood floors installation in Newark as the level of moisture and humidity are considerably high and will make the engineered planks expand and contract a little “not like solid floors” but it will a bit and if you’ve used staples you can find some small issues down the road.

This product has been designed to provide greater stability, specially where moisture or heat offers problems to other  floor systems.

Engineerd Hardwood Floors Installation Interlocking System

Locking in System

Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors Using Adhesive

Using Adsive

Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors Using Staples

Using Staples

Engineered Hardwood Floors Installed Newark NJ

Engineered Hardwood Floors Installation Newark NJ

Our experience and expertise will go beyond your expectations ! For several years our company has been installing every kind of engineered hardwood floors in Newark NJ and surrounding areas.

All our labor installation is done following every manufacturers and NWFA guidelines. We always work in a clean environment to make sure you get the engineered floor results you deserve.

If you still need more information about this type of flooring product, you can research our website for more information or you can simple give us a call and speak to one of our flooring specialists now. Also we are available at live support & E-mails.

We love what we do and we are here to help you even if you live in another state or country ! Feel free to contact us now or if you need to get any engineered flooring products or services call Hardwood Floors Newark NJ now

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