Engineered Wood Floors Refinishing in Newark NJ

Engineered wood floors is very used in this area and it’s growing more and more. The reason for this is mainly its low cost compared to solid hardwood floors. Looking at a naked eye you can’t distinguish the engineered from hardwood.

There are a wide section of factory finished engineered wood floors and its factory coating is stronger than any coating you can have applied on site after its installation. in the other hand if you wish to have a custom stain color or a different type of varnish applied you can decide to have installed the unfinished engineered floors.

This type of floor starts with a bottom core of pressed plywood or manufactured wood layers, and is then topped with a nicer wood veneer; this top “wear layer” is the part that’s seen once installed

This kind of floor product is not real solid wood ” when i say not real wood i mean that the area that can be sanded is not like a solid floor” . Its wear layer is much thinner than solid floors. Usually its thickness is around 3mm.

Having a reputable flooring company using professional floor tools will make it possible to have this type of floors sanded and finished with quality. Please pay attention that not all engineered floors are the same thicknesses and many if no most has a thinner wear layer than 3mm what would make really difficult to have it refinished again. ” the thickness of every engineered and solid floors may varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as today you have so many more options than yesterday’s industry.

Advantages of refinishing your old engineered floors:

  • Cost: refinishing cost will be a fraction of a new floor
  • Time: the time spent to have it completely restored will a day or so
  • Custom Color: Once we we remove the old finish you will be able to choose what color you would like or simple the natural wood color.
  • No Dust: We offer the dustless refinishing for Engineered Floors
  • Wood Look: Your floors will looks like real solid wood floor again and it will add value to your home as the solid floor does.
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We offer a wide selection of Engineered floor stains, Water based, Oil Based polyurethane and Monocoat natural floor finishings with more than 40 different colors.

If your parquet floors is looking worn, scratched, dented or any other issues, feel free to contact our customer service for further assistance. We offer great service, honest rates, high quality work. Feel free to e-mail or call our customer service today !

Newark Engineered Wood Floor Refinishing NJ

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