Floating Hardwood Floors Installation Newark NJ

A floating hardwood floor is a hardwood floor that floats.  With this type of installation, the individual hardwood boards lock together without nails, staples or glue. The entire floor literally floats above any subfloor like old wood floor, ceramic tile, plywood or any floor underlayment.

In areas where moisture is a concern this type of flooring is a perfect choice ! They are really stable against Humidity, Water, Cold areas and very resistant.

The installation of a Floating Floor is really easier than any other floors and does not require any special carpentry skills and you cave a large area installed in a day and have the looking of a real wood flooring for a much lower cost.

Floating Hardwood Floors Installation Newark NJ

If the weather conditions change, a floating wood floor moves freely without any restriction as we leave from 1/4″of an inch to 1/2″of inch where the floating floor meets the walls. Also we have to leave this expansion space under stair case, door jams. But don’t worry we are professionals you you will not realize or see and expansion gap as we cover them using moulding and special accessories for this purpose.

You can find a huge selection of prefinished floating hardwood floors systems and the manufactures realized that this flooring is so good in terms of stability and reliability that they invest more and more on this product.

Floating floor can be installed on any level of your house and they are very unique when installing them in a basement, kitchen and cold areas where real wood floor would definitely be troubles.

Some manufacturers sell this floors with a foam uanderlayment attached to it so you would just need to install a moisture retarder so it protects the flooring from getting damaged by humidity. When installing this moisture retarder is recommended to overlap on all corners by 2″ inchs above the floor level and then installing the baseboard moulding.

if you plan installing this type of flooring on stair case steps,, then you should do it using properly adhesive. Stair case has a huge high traffic so if you have them installed as floating won’t work well.

The maintenance of a floating floor is really easy and simple. Just keep dirt and grit out of floor, vacuum regularly, buy floating floor special cleaners at any floor store.

Many types of floating hardwood floors can sanded and refinished up to 3 times depending on its wear layer thickness. A professional experienced should take care of a work like this one as you can easily compromise the stability of your floors.

Looking to have a floating hardwood floors installed in Newark New Jersey ? Call us now or simple e-mail us with your projects details so we can provide a better support. We are licensed & fully insured installer & refinisher floor company serving all of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Talk to one of our flooring pros today !

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