Floating Wood Floor Refinishing Newark NJ

Floating wood floors is very used and is on of the only flooring system can be be installed on any level of your house. i mean you can have it installed below grade “basement”, on grade “main level”. and above grade” second or third floor “.

They do not require nails, staples, glue or any other parts to be installed. they are installed in a way that the whole floor will loose on your sub flooring. Some floating are glued on its tong and groove but never on its sub floor.

Also this flooring systems suffers much less the interference of moisture and humidity as they are not solid wood and normally its thicknesses are much less than a solid floor. Its wear layers also are thinner.

if your floating wood floor are worn, scuffed, dented, too many scratches and you wish to have it restored, sanded, or finished call our floor team today. Some floating floors may be possible to get refinished and sanding.

It’s important to inspect the flooring first so we can check its thickness and also its possible finished are on the topper part of the plank. Some will definitely not be possible to get restored because of its construction method but before you take any step call us for more information. Some minutes may save your entirely flooring system.

Advantages of Floating Wood Floors:

  • Reliable: Really acceptable on any area of your house, even on basement
  • Affordable: Really less expensive than solid floors
  • Easy Installation: as no nails or glue is required, becomes much faster and easier to be installed
  • Some can be sanded: Some Floating Floors can be sanded and finished
  • No Cure Time: After installed you won’t have to wait in order to walk over it

You can find many other advantages to install or refinish your old floating floors. Definitely this is great option and less expensive than many other flooring systems. if you need to know more about this feel free to call or email our customer service in Newark NJ today.

Our floating floors refinishers and installers are licensed, bonded and fully insured. We are ready and willing to assist you with any of your needs. We guarantee your satisfaction, lowest service rates  and fastest labor work guarantee.

Floating Wood Floor Refinishing Newark NJRefinishing Floating Floor Newark NJ

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