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Solid Hardwood Floors are the ultimate and the most wanted stable flooring surface. There are a whole word of options when it comes to having solid wood installed. You can get unfinished and prefinished solid wood from many different wood species.

Solid hardwood has a really thick wear layer that makes it able to be sanded, stained and finished several times. Hardwood does accumulate dirt or debris and can be easily cleaned and maintained using just a vacuum and sometimes wood floor cleaners. Its not wise to use water or any abrasive liquid to clean it.

There are several wood species and most of them will last for decades to come. We have been restoring hardwood floors from the 50′s 60′s and 70′s all the time in old homes in Newark and cities around New Jersey. Definitely solid hardwood floors are the best option if you plan to live for a quite amount of time in the same house as it will last for a lifetime.

Getting this solid floors will sure add value to your property. You can live in your home for 10 years, if you decide to sell it, you just have a refinished work done and they will be brand new again !

You can get solid unfinished hardwood floors installed and custom stain it. There are over 40 different stain colors that we can apply for you. There are also a wide variety of floor finishes like the standard oil based varnish, water based & Natural Floor Finishes from Rubio monocoat. You can get results like the Natural Finishing Below
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Usually this type of floor comes in planks. They very resistant and strong but it gives a great feeling when you walk on them. Its soft to walk and the most stable floor system available. When installed as directed by its manufacture’s it helps even enforce the sub-flooring.

Hardwood floors needs to be installed across the floor joists and the plywood should be at least 1/2″on an inch to make sure you don’t run into trouble in the future. Also these floors can be installed using staples or nails every 6″inchs apart unless the width of all floor planks are over 3″1/2 inchs,. in this case glue may be added in order to strengthen the installation.

solid hardwood floors get highly effected by water, cold weather, moisture and humidity and they expand and contract very often. Small gaps and spaces may appear in between the floors planks. That’s why we do recommend a floor adhesive and nails installation when using wider planks.
Hardwood Floors Effected by Moisture Newark NJ

Before starting the installation project it is required to take a moisture and humidity test and follow its manufacture’s or the NWFA guidelines so don’t you get all your hardwood floor ruined due to a acclimation problem. Its required also to have all the floor product inside the place where it will be installed for 72 hours to acclimate. Leave the heating or air conditioning at normal living temperatures during this period.

Its highly recommended not to install solid hardwood floors in basements and areas where the humidity and moisture has a high level. Its not right to have it installed directly over a concrete slab. You should have a wood base installed over a concrete and install also a retarder for the humidity and moisture.

If you are planning installing this floors on a new kitchen, Have it installed before you get the cabinets in and please do not forget to leave the expansion space around the walls so the solid floors can breath freely.
Hardwood Floors Installed Under Cabonets Newark NJ   Hardwood Floors Installation With Cabinets NJ

If you already have cabinets installed and decided to have hardwood installed in the kitchen, make sure that the expansion space is left close to the base of all cabinets, This expansion space can be covered by show moulding or cover base matching the hardwood floor color or your cabinets color.

Felt Pads For Newly Installed Hardwood Floorsafter your new hardwood floors system has been installed its wise to install felt pads under every foot of all chairs, tables beds and any heave furniture that you have. Also when having all your furniture moved in use a piece of carpet to drag them slowly so you don’t dent or scratch the floor planks.

Having your newly purchased hardwood floors installed properly is essential to its life, beauty and stability our professional installers will make sure you get the work done right and fast. Satisfaction that only licensed, bonded, fully insured and experienced hardwood floors installers can offer you in Newark and all New Jersey.

Have questions ? Call our customer service now for free professional assistance. We are available from Monday thru Saturday. If you have an emergence feel to call us on Sunday too.

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