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Getting the right floor system to your real needs is crucial. If you are have seen so many options already and none has satisfied you. Maybe its time to understand a little how the laminate wood flooring work.

Laminate Flooring is not real wood and for that reason it costs much less and works much better than solid floors if installed in basement, kitchen and cold places.

Laminate flooring is made of several particles of plastic and wood installed in different directions to give more stability to its base and then a thin layer of veneer ” fake wood” is installed, glued and pressed together. It really looks like real wood and some laminate floors gives even that feeling of solid wood when you walk  on.


Many manufactures install an underlayment on the lower part of its plank needing only the moisture retarder to be installed before putting down the floors. This moisture is nothing more than Polyethylene plastic of 6 to 8mm. it really keeps the vapor and humidity at a low level..

Construction of Laminate Floors Newark NJ

Layers of Laminate Flooring

If you want the look of a real hardwood but don’t want to pay too much laminate flooring certainly is the way to go. It can be installed on any room of your house and if you have pets don’t worry as laminate flooring has one of the hardest finishing surfaces of all floors. Actually i haven’t seen any other floor system more resistant than laminate.

installing a laminate flooring is an easy task if you compared to solid hardwood floor. You simple lock in the laminate planks together and that’s all !  Every laminate board has a tongue and a groove. Just make the first row aligned and stagger the flooring cutting peaces using a floor saw. Leave a 1/4″space around walls and under door frames and have a laminate flooring mouldins installed to cover this expansion space.

Most of laminate flooring are installed on a floating system. It means that you won’t need floor adhesive, staples or nails. They just sit flat over your sub-floor. They are so pratical that you can have it installed over almost any sub-floor surfaces lice concrete slab, old Vinyl, Old hardwood floors and so on.

The most trusted laminate floors manufacturer’s are Pergo, Traffic Master, Shaw, Du Pont, Mohawk, Home Legend but you can get really great laminate flooring product from a non well known manufacturers. an example is Dream Home Laminate Flooring. They carry a wide range of products. Also they offer a 25 years warranty which is really a great thing.

Laminate Wood Floors Installers Newark NJ

Laminate Flooring Professionally Installed – Newark NJ

 Advantages of Installing a Laminate Wood Flooring:

  • Low Cost: Laminate is really on of the less expensive floors in the industry
  • Fast Installation: As the installation does not require glue or staples, the planks are in a good size and they can installed manually, it is much faster than installing any other flooring
  • Huge Variety: you can find these floors at any construction warehouse and in very wide range of colors and designs
  • Easy Installation: Most of laminate flooring comes with a Do It Yourself Manual
  • Scratch Resistant: its top layer is one of the most resistant scratches and high traffic resistant
  • Humidity & Moisture Resistant: Laminate flooring was originally designed to be installed in places where solid wood could not and they work superior on environments where moisture and humidity is a concern.
  • Resistant to Stains: Very resistant to cleaners and won’t fade its colors along the the time.
  • Less Expensive Installation: The cost to have these floors professionally installed are much cheaper than hardwood or stone floors
  • Very Easy to Clean: Just use the vacuum at normal bases. you can also use special laminate cleaners for a better results. “we do not recommend clean it using water “
  • It’s Healthy:Laminate flooring doesn’t absorb dust like carpet. it’s quick and easy to clean so it benefits people with allergies.

There a whole lot of more advantages of having a laminate wood floors installed in you home, apartment or commercial space. Now that you know a little more about this so used floor product fell free to browse our floor website to learn more about the other types of floors systems available. If you already know what you want installed or have any related questions give us call or simple email our customer support in Newark NJ for more information.

We offer a wide variety of flooring services to better serve all of your upcoming needs. Licensed, Bonded, Fully Insured & over 15 years of experience installing and finishing all kinds of floors. We are ready to install your new laminate flooring !

Cheap Laminate Wood Floors Installation Newark NJ

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