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if you are looking for a new floor system for your house apartment or commercial space, do not forget to consider the parquet hardwood or engineered parquet floors. They are charm, elegant warmth, comes in solid & engineered, very resistant against humidity, very durable and stable. It can be sanded and refinished so many times.

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You will find finished and unfinished parquet floors and also in wide variety of designs and thicknesses. Having a good quality parquet floors installed is essential to its long lasting life.
these floors are usually installed using special parquet floors adhesive. After installed is not wide to step and walk over the floors the same day as they can move a little and create small gaps in between the wood tiles and once the adhesive is completely fried it would be really difficult to fix it right.

The effect of water, humidity, moisture is much less on this floors than on a solid wood floors. It makes this product a great option for kitchens, hallways and landing areas due to its resistance and durability. Once installed and reached the cure of its adhesive you can really trust on this floors. They are definitely a stable flooring system.

We would not say that parquet floors are difficult to install it yourself but keep in mind that it takes a bit of experience with measurements and have the skills to make the blocks aligning to each other. A good product is suppose to come in exactly the same size, trust me on this ! you will see sometimes some tile’s edge slightly smaller or larger than others and that’s when comes the expertise to make it work properly. if you get a really cheap parquet tiles get prepared to face this issue all the time.

if you decide to purchase the parquet floors tiles yourself without a professional advice, take in consideration and ask before you buy it “what is its wear layer and if this product can be sanded and finished in the future also what is its warranty time. buying this product without knowing its quality is really a risk and may loose all your money invested.


 Some Advantages of having a parquet wood floor installed:

  • Easy to Maintain: there several type of general floor cleaners available at really low cost
  • Fast to Install: A good and trained flooring professional can install a considerable large are in a day of work
  • Affordable: parquet flooring is not as expensive as solid floors
  • Accept Repairs: A good professional can provide parquet block replacement and sand it to match the other toles “when comes in prefinished it becomes a bit harder to match its color”
  • Can Be Refinished: Depending on the kind of parquet floors you bought, you can have it re-sanded, re-satined and refinished
  • Very Resistant: This floors are very stable and resistant against regular traffic & humidity.
  • Beautiful: it comes in several colors and different kinds of wood
  • Options: you can get unfinished and prefinished parquet floors

There so many good advantages of having a parquet floors installed in your house, apartment or commercial space. if you are located in Newark New Jersey feel to call our flooring professionals and get some professional advice regards to what floor would be better for you needs.

We provide a wide ranges or Refinishing & Installation services to better assist you and your family. We always guarantee our service and we do only work using really high quality flooring products to make sure you get the best results possible.

Parquet Hardwood Floors Newark NJ

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