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Providing a repair work on a Hardwood Floors can be sometimes but with our expertise you will not have to go thru a hard situation.

Many flooring installers do not pay attention and have the surround floor planks covered and when replacing a damaged board they scratches or dent the good ones. We pay close attention to that and also we keep the site job really clean so you don’t have dust everywhere. We also seal your doors and have all your furniture covered to avoid any damage.

If you have installed a prefinished Hardwood Floors you should have another plank from the same type of floors or at least the manufacture’s brand and information related to its finish.

If you have installed unfinished engineered floors and have sanded and stained on-site we should do the same work after the new plank is fully replaced. We should sand it and stain it to match the other plank’s color.

Wood Floor Board with Large Scratch

1 ) Step

Cutting the damaged floor board to have it removed

2 ) Step

Provided a side by side cut on the wood floor board

3 ) Step

Providing a cross cut on the damaged floor board to have it removed

4 ) Step

Removing the small pieces of the floor board

5 ) Step

After the cuts we did at the damaged floor board it's easy to remove the pieces

6 ) Step

The new floor board that will be installed

7 ) Step

Applying Floor Glue to install the new floor board

8 ) Step

Placing the new wood floor plank

9 ) Step

Making sure that the new floor plank has been installed right and it's flat

10 ) Step

Damaged floor board replaced with new new plank

11 ) Step

Once you have your new engineered or hardwood floor replaced you will have to refinishing and stain it to make the colors to blend.

Our company can offer you the repair and sanding work for great price, quality and fast work. Fell free to call us today for your free estimate !

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