Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors Refinishing Newark NJ

Today you can find a wide scale of manufactures that offer for a great deal pre-finished hardwood floors. These types of floors does not require to be sanded nor stained after its
installation. They already comes with several coats of varnish and stain applied.

What many customers don’t know is that you can have these floors sanded and refinished again with proper tools, expertise and good quality flooring products.

Many types of finished floors cannot be sanded or finished as they are not real wood floors. Example is laminate floors and some engineered floors. More information about this type of products can be found on this website but if you need a faster assistance on this matter feel free to contact us at normal business hours or simple email us for support.

A solid prefinished floor has a 5mm wear layer which makes possible to be sanded & finished several times. Also many thinner planks can be sanded but it requires a better understanding of the trade as you can easily go too deep using the drum sander and damage some wood boards as its wear layer is much thinner than a solid floor.

For several years our company has been providing this service in the area of Newark, New Jersey. We offer guarantee on all of our finished floors restoration and finishing work. Keep reading and learn a bit more about this so used floor in these days.

Advantages of sanding & finishing a prefinished hardwood floors.

  • price: Having it sanded and completely refinishing is not expensive. Actually we can guarantee that you have your floors back to new for a fraction of installing a new solid floors
  • Time: You can have any size of word all sanded and finished in a single day using special polyurethane “feel free to call in for more info about sanding your prefinished floors”
  • Custom Color: Having prefinished stained is really simple and our company can offer you more than 40 different stain color
  • No V-grooves between the boards: Many of us hates the V groove that most of prefineshed hardwood floors has. When we sand your floors we will be able to make it really flat.
There are several other good advantages of having this kind of floors restored to new. if you have questions feel free to contact us in Newark, NJ by phone or -email.

Sanding Prefinished Floors


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