Unfinished Hardwood Floors Installation Newark NJ

Unfinished Hardwood Floors Newark NJWe provide a wide range of unfinished flooring installation services including all kinds of unfinished products and its sanding and finishing work.

Unfinished hardwood floors can be installed on grade and above grade levels: ” first floor and up” this type of solid flooring is not recommended to be installed on basement and the moisture and humidity can greatly effect them.

This flooring comes in hand if you wish to custom finish it with a floor color you can’t get in a finished floor. Also they will be square-edge and won’t have the looking on V-Grove in between the floor planks.

After installed you can have them sanded and finished on site and have any sheen like Satin, Semi-gloss and high gloss varnish or so called oil based polyurethane, water based polyurethane or Natural Oil Rubio Monocoat.

The installation process can done using staples or professional floor nails and for planks with more than 3″ 1/2 width we highly recommend the use of floor adhesive and nails or staples. The staples should not be more than 7″ inchs apart from each others.

The size of the floor staples must be decided before the installation starts as you carefully needs to check what is the thickness of you sub-floor and make sure you do not have any pipes running under the sub-floor.

When installing the unfinished solid hardwood floors a 1/4 of an inch should be left below the door frames and all around the walls. Later the base moulding will be installed and will cover this gap. This space is required so the floor system can expand and contract naturally. if this 1/4 of inch is not respect toy can prepare for several problems that will for sure come really soon.

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation Newark NJ

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation Newark NJ

Having this work properly done is crucial to its long life and safety. We provide a professional unfinished hardwood floors installation in Newark NJ for more than a decade and we can definitely guarantee your satisfaction and quality of our work. We strictly follow all the manufacture’s and the National wood flooring association guidelines to make sure you get the floors you deserve.

Advantages of having a unfinished floor system installed  :

  • Cost: Nowadays you can get really affordable unfinished wood floors
  • Custom Color: We currently have more than 40 different stain colors plus custom colors
  • Square Edge: No V-Groves. When sanding and finishing the unfinished floors all imperfections will be taken away and no V-Groves to accumulate dust will exist
  • Durability: A Properly installation and good quality unfinished floors will guarantee a lifetime
  • Satisfaction: if you get the installation and refinishing work done right, there’s no finished floor that can overcome the results of this unfinished floors.
  • Options: you have so many options from stain color, Sheen, Width, Thicknesses & so many different wood kinds.
Get your unfinished floor installation work done right and at the first time ! Call a company that will make sure your desires are the important factor. We can guarantee that you will get the best deal and labor work with us ! if you live in Newark New Jersey give us a call now for more information and prices !
Unfinished hardwood floors in Newark NJ Wide Plank Unfinished Hardwood Floors

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